LOGman 3.0 got stable

We have good news from doctor Joomla. LOGman 3.0 is out of the woods and its vitals are good … its condition is stable!

This release includes some new and exciting features that raise LOGman to the next level.

Redesigned User Interface

LOGman 3.0 got a new look with a modern and responsive UI. Completely redesigned and focussed on improving the user experience LOGman is guaranteed to look good on any device.

LOGman works perfect on any device.

LOGman works perfect on any device.

Additional activity filters

Want more control? You got it! We added granular filtering control over the actions of each component. This gives you better control over the activities that get displayed in the front-end.

Filter the LOGman logs when creating a Menu Item.

Filter the LOGman logs when creating a Menu Item.

Notify plugin

The LOGman’s Notify plugin can now filter notifications by extension and action.

Notify plugin settings.

Notify plugin settings.

Routing support in front-end

Front-end activity streams now include links when:

  • The resource is exposed by at least one published menu item
  • The menu item and the resource are accessible for the user
Activities stream has links in the front-end

Activities stream has links in the front-end

This was a most requested but very challenging feature. Joomla does not make it easy to find URLs from resources that get exposed in the front-end. Luckily we don’t give up easily and got it working.

Linker, new editor plugin

Linker is an editor plugin like you have never seen before. Linker takes advantage of LOGman’s new front-end routing support.

Simply search for anything in your site you wanna link to. You will be prompted with a list of linkable site resources you can insert into your article.

Linker is a wonderful companion while writing content and the only one of its kind!

Modal with list of linkable site resources

Modal with list of linkable site resources

Minor improvements

  • Added email layout support to LOGman - Notify plugin
  • Support move and copy actions on DOCman and FILEman
  • Log FILEman download actions
  • Added Joomla update plugin
  • Added resource/action filter on site module
  • Added Romanian and Japanese languages

We are convinced you will love this new version! Curious? Try our demo.

LOGman 3 is available in our Support Center.

Running LOGman 2? We encourage you to check out our upgrade documentation and upgrade your sites to this latest version.

Download LOGman 3

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