DOCman Notify 2.1 is out

Mailbox on the street

Mailbox on the street

Good news! Over the past few weeks we have worked on improving our DOCman Notify plugin.

We’re excited to bring you some awesome new features:

  • Document groups notifications
  • Control the actions that trigger notifications
  • Debug notifications
  • Customizable emails

What is DOCman Notify?

Whether you are running a Joomla powered intranet or website, you often want to keep a close eye on what your users are doing. Especially when they are allowed to edit documents or upload new files. With DOCman Notify it’s super easy to set up email notifications.

What’s new?

Notify document groups

When enabled, the plugin will notify users of user groups with access to the document. The maximum amount of users to be notified this way is 25. If this number is exceeded these notifications will not get sent and a warning message will get displayed when debug mode is enabled.

Configure who receives notifications

Configure who receives notifications

Control the events that trigger notifications

You may now decide which events trigger notifications in the plugin settings.

Additionally to add, edit and delete events, we added support for:

  • Submit: when a document is submitted from the front-end
  • Publish: when a document is published
  • Assign: when a document is assigned (owner change)
  • Download: when a document is downloaded
Configure notification events

Configure notification events

Debug notifications

When Debug System is enabled in Joomla, notifications being sent by the plugin are shown to the logged-in user as system messages. Great for testing your configuration without having to open your mailbox.

Notification message

Additionally, users who have Joomla’s Receive System Emails setting enabled on their profile will receive debug notifications with a list of recipients by email.


Notifications can now be customized by using template overrides, just as you would do for customizing the output of any Joomla extension. Through template overrides you now have full control over the content of the notifications that get sent.

Download DOCman Notify 2.1.0

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