DOCman 2.1.5 is out

logo of Docman 2.1

logo of Docman 2.1

We are proud to announce that DOCman 2.1.5 is out! This maintenance release fixes reported bugs and significantly improves performance, further strengthening the stability of DOCman 2.1 series.

One major improvement in this release is the improved caching. Sites with hundreds of categories will notice a big difference in speed.

We also added Polish, Japanese, and Chinese Traditional translations. DOCman now speaks 20 languages and more on the way. Big thanks to all our translators for their help!

Check the complete changelog of this new release or give DOCman a test drive today on our demo site.

If you have an active DOCman subscription you can download this release at no extra cost. Don’t have an active DOCman subscription? Subscribe now.

Download DOCman 2.1.5

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