EXTman 2.2 is out

This new release fixes various bugs our customers reported and also adds an important, much requested feature: migration of DOCman between sites.

Migrating DOCman between sites

Many of our customers requested to move DOCman data between different sites. With this release EXTman gained support for exporting and importing DOCman data between sites.

Import process

You can find extensive instructions on how to run the migration in the documentation.

And more

This release also contains many bug fixes on our framework making all our extensions more stable and robust.


Simply download the latest EXTman version and make sure you have DOCman 2.1.4 installed which was released last month.

If you have an active Joomlatools subscription you have immediate access to EXTman 2.2 at no additional cost. If you do not have a subscription you can purchase a bundle or single extension subscription in a matter of minutes.

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