New Joomla Console released

Writing great software is a time-consuming and complicated task. At Joomlatools we are always looking how to improve our productivity. A big part of that means investing in better tools. As Abraham Lincoln once said:

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”

We’ve been hard at work during the summer sharpening our development tools and are happy to announce the v1.4 release of our Joomla Console. It comes packed with a lot of new features and improvements to help you build Joomla applications easier than ever:

New commands

Deploy sites using git-ftp
cache:list, cache:purge, cache:clear
Handle cache manipulation in Joomla sites
Check-in locked rows
Uninstall command to remove extensions
finder:index, finder:purge
Build or purge Smart Search indexes
extension:enable, extension:disable
Enable or disable extensions

Decoupled site creation steps

We split the existing site:create and site:delete commands up into smaller parts. This makes it easy to build your own workflow from scratch. Or rebuild only the database after a failed experiment. Or skip the creation of the configuration file because you already created your own. Together with our plugin system, everything is possible!

Better documentation

To make the best of these new commands, we also need clear and concise documentation. Our documentation now lists every command with their available arguments and options.

So jump right in and improve your productivity! With all that extra spare time on your hands, how about sending us a Tweet or a ping on Facebook? We love to hear your ideas and suggestions for the next release!

Want to contribute? Don’t hesitate to fork our GitHub repository and send in a pull request.

Happy Joomla building!

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