Email notifications, download limiting and license support for DOCman are here!

Good news! With DOCman 2.0 stable out of the door work has started on development of DOCman 2.1. Better news! You do not need to wait for it. DOCman 2 comes with a very powerful plugin API that allows to extend almost all parts of it with ease.

Over the past few weeks we have worked on completing 3 new plugins for DOCman 2 to bring back features that didn’t make it into the core: email notificationslicense support and download limiting.

DOCman Notify

DOCman Notify is a plugin that sends notification emails to document and category owners about changes in those documents and categories that they manage.

  • Document owners will get an email notification whenever the documents they own are edited or deleted.
  • Category owners will get notification emails whenever a document is added to, deleted from or edited in the categories they own.

Tip: To make a registered user a document or category owner select the user in the ‘owner’ select box in the category or document form.

DOCman License

The DOCman License plugin optionally presents the ‘terms of use’ that the user must agree to before they can download the document.

Simply add your licensing text to an article. Then, in the plugin configuration, select that article and the DOCman menu items for which this license will be shown before the download commences.

When a user tries to download a document from one of those set menu items, the license will be presented and they will have to agree to the terms before the document can be downloaded.

DOCman Limit

DOCman Limit is a plugin capable of limiting the number of downloads of published documents for logged in users. This plugin requires our LOGman extension to be installed to be able to count and limit the downloads.

The plugin allows you to set both the number of downloads to allow and the days (interval) to count the download per user:

Once a user has reached the limit they will be prevented from downloading any documents and get the following message if they attempt to do so:

Build your own plugins?

If you are a developer and want to build your own DOCman 2 plugins, check out our plugin documentation and example plugin available on github.

All three plugins can be downloaded through our Joomlatools Support Center. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and start using DOCman today!

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