LOGman 2 API documentation available

With LOGman 2 out of the door, a powerful API for integrating it with other extensions is within reach for developers. Now we’re happy to announce our developer documentation on how to create your own LOGman plugins.

Joomlatools Developer Portal screenshot

Real world examples of LOGman plugins are being developed and made available on GitHub. An integration for Remository is available already. Plugins for K2, Zoo, Kunena and other popular Joomla extensions are on their way.

If you are a developer check out our guides and see all that this API has to offer. By integrating your components with LOGman you are adding extra value to your work. Your component user actions become loggable and traceable with just a few lines of code.

Do you need guidance for building a LOGman integration?. Developer support is included in our Business and Agency subscriptions. By subscribing to any of these packages you get access to our dedicated developer forums where you will get direct support from our team.

Happy coding!

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