Say hello to your personal dashboard!

There’s always a lot happening at Joomlatools! That’s why we are happy to introduce you to your new personal dashboard. From here you can easily catch a bird’s eye view of all the activity going on in and around the Member Center.

Our customers asked us for an easy way to follow-up on their support requests. We listened and added a list of all subscribed topics to the dashboard. The right column immediately tells you when the last activity within this topic happened.

All the latest releases of our extensions are also listed. Did we recently announce a new release candidate for DOCman 2? Login to the Member Center and click right on through to obtain the latest version!

With our growing extension base and the frequent updates to our member center, the number of release announcements grows as well. We’ve added a small box to the dashboard which bundles the latest news from the “What’s New at Joomlatools” and “Announcements” forums.

This gives you a quick overview of all our latest work!

That leaves us with plenty of room to display frequently sought after information. Are you looking for the migration tutorials relating to older DOCman versions, for example? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! That’s why we’ve included these into your dashboard as well!

We hope your new dashboard will help you navigate our growing support center even better!

As we are continuously improving our Member Center, we are keen to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to let us know your feedback on our forums.

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