We’ll help you solve your problems

Great Joomla extensions need even better support. That’s why we are working tirelessly to improve our Member Center.

We’d love to introduce you to the latest addition to our support forums; the issue forum! If you experience any problems with our extensions, the “Report a Problem” section will be the go-to forum to find assistance right away.

As soon as you create a new issue, you will be prompted to give us a few extra details about your environment. Using this information we can react to your questions much more efficiently.

We’ve also added the ability to encrypt certain details. You might want to pass on an internal URL or a password we might need to reproduce and investigate your problems.
Using the “Private Note” box you can rest assured that this data will be stored securely on our servers.

Only yourself and our support agents are able to comment on your thread. If the need arises, our agents will make your post private, hiding it from everyone else’s view. You’ll receive notifications of any new replies automatically.

The labels on top of the topic will indicate the current status of your request so you always know what’s going on.

We hope you enjoy it! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. See you on our forums!

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