Hi, we are Joomlatools. Nice meeting you again.

It’s a fact of life – things change, and our website is no exception. In case you haven’t noticed, we gave our Joomlatools website a fresh lick of paint and added some great improvements to our member center!


FILEman and LOGman extensions are nearing their 1.0 stable releases and to celebrate this we have given them their own spot on the homepage, next to our DOCman extension.

The Extensions page got a little re-organisation. You can discover all our available extensions and get an overview of the supported features per extensions. Curious what new features we are adding? Check back from time to time or sign-up for our newsletter.


In the top menu you can now find all Documentation and the Changelog information for each extension under the tabs of their respective page on our website.


Great extensions, come with even better support. While less visible we have invested a lot of time in the past year to improve our Member Center. Big thanks to all our customers who provided great feedback!

Once logged in, you can easily navigate to the downloads, support forums, your account details and invoices using the navigation tab above.

Our support forums have been restructured to help you find the information and answers you are looking for. All forums are now grouped into a single block for each extension. As a bonus, we’ve added new icons to each forum to help you recognize them even better! More member center improvements are being worked on. More on that in a next post.

We hope you enjoy it and we’d love to hear what you think!

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