LOGman - User Activity Stream

LOGman brings a Facebook style Activity Feed based on user activity within Joomla.

Easily keep track of what is happening on your site and what other people are doing. Record and view the activities of your web administrators, writers, editors & even yourself.

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Joomla 2.5
Joomla 3.x
LOGman overview

Key Features

  • User analytics
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Dashboard Module
  • Actvity Streams Standard
LOGman overview
User analytics LOGman supports logging user actions such as add, edit, delete, login, install, update, ... for all Joomla core extensions and DOCman and FILEman.
LOGman overview
Advanced Filtering LOGman allows you to filter your activity feed to show actions performed within a specific time period and/or a specific user.
Dashboard Module Get a quick overview of all user activity straight from your Joomla Dashboard using our LOGman activity module.
Actvity Streams Standard LOGman activity streams follow the official Activity Streams Standard as used by Facebook, Twitter, Google ...

Other Features

Support for 60+ events

LOGman is capable of logging more than 60+ different user actions.

IP tracking

For added security LOGman tracks the IP addresses for each logged action.

DOCman & FILEman support

Full support for all DOCman and FILEman user actions including downloads.

What do our customers say?

Very good for sites with many editors ★★★★★

Essential to get an overview about the editorial staff activity.

Matteo Beretta

Great module! ★★★★★

Contains lots of components that helps me keep track of my website but still is user friendly.

I am a freelancer

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And of course, LOGman works on mobile!

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