LOGman - User Activity Stream

LOGman 1.0.0 | 1 month ago

LOGman 1.0 RC5 | 10 months ago

  • fixed Purge model box not showing (Joomla 3)
  • added Joomla 3 compatibility
  • added Added CVS export
  • added Ability to only show logged user in activity module
  • added Improved activity message rendering and truncation  
  • fixed Upgrade to EXTman 1.0 RC5 required

LOGman 1.0 RC4 | 11 months ago

  • fixed Module re-added after update
  • fixed Issue with admin module permissions
  • fixed Denying administrator access gives white screen
  • fixed Filter by user not working
  • fixed Frontend events are not properly logged
  • added Added support for component config changes
  • added Improve text wording on messages from guest and deleted users activities
  • added Make deleted items unlinkable on log strings
  • added User IP address is logged for each activity
  • added Added support for menu activities
  • added Added support for module activities
  • added Added support for DOCman 2.0
  • added Added DOCman 1.x and 2.0 download logging
  • added Added support for contact form submissions
  • added Added en-GB language pack
  • added Improved translations mechanism for activities
  • added Added support for install, update and un-install activities
  • added Make activity texts more friendly and consistent
  • added Show error if database cannot be upgraded
  • fixed Upgrade to EXTman 1.0 RC4 required

LOGman 1.0 RC3 | 2 years ago

  • fixed Wrong user being logged when editing articles
  • fixed Component names are not translated
  • fixed Filter by user unclear
  • fixed Module doesn't have a default list limit
  • fixed Don't log DOCman download actions
  • fixed Check for exceptions in LOGman plugin
  • added Add activity stream purging (default 90 days)
  • added RSS output of the activity stream
  • added Allow to turn off user login and logout activities
  • added Upgrade Twitter Bootstrap to 2.1
  • added Refactor javascript to use jQuery

LOGman 1.0 RC2 | 2 years ago

  • fixed Joomla ACL access checks are bypassed
  • fixed Module parameters are not set on install
  • added Styled LOGman using Bootstrap for compatibiity with Joomla 3.0

LOGman 1.0 RC1 | 2 years ago

  • added Initial release candiate of LOGman 1.0