DOCman - Document & Download Manager

DOCman 2.0 is a document and download management solution for Joomla.

DOCman makes offering downloadable documents on your Joomla site a breeze.

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Joomla 2.5
Joomla 3.x
DOCman backend

Key Features

  • Stay Organized
  • Batch Process
  • Private Documents
  • Advanced Permissions
Edit document
Stay Organized Organize your documents across infinite nested categories and keep your files organized using nested folders.
Batch create documents
Batch Process Upload many files at once and instantly create documents for them with a single click.
Add a document
Private documents DOCman allows to share documents privately and securly with individual users using the document owner permissions.
Setting permissions
Advanced permissions DOCman supports the Joomla permission system. You can define add, edit, delete, upload and download permissions for categories and documents..

Other Features

Local or Remote Storage

Files can be hosted locally across multiple folders and subfolders or you can easily link to files stored on a remote server.


The built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents. Real paths to documents are never displayed to users.

Download Statistics

DOCman automatically integrates itself with Google Analytics so you can see detailed reports of your documents.

Document Previews

DOCman leverages the PDF reading support in modern browsers.

Real Time Streaming

DOCman has built in support for video and audio streaming.

Resume interrupted download

When a download stalls DOCman will automatically resume it.

What do our customers say?

Great component, good service ★★★★★

DOCman continues to evolve into a user-friendly and extremely useful tool for sharing files with clients. The integration of Joomla User Manager groups makes it possible to easily make different documents/files accessible to specific clients. If that's what you need, DOCman is your solution.

Tom Albinson - EZ Webb IT

Smooth migration - unmatched support ★★★★★

I have used DOCman for a number of years and eagerly awaited version 2. I was very very pleased with the migration process. It was well documented and the migration application ran very smoothly on several sites.

Pastor Tom Fuller

Just perfect for me! ★★★★★

The new 2.0 version of the extension is very very cool and makes my life easy as an administrator for a school with tons of study material uploaded and downloaded every day.

I'll keep using this forever!

Jacopo Ceccarelli

Robust tool. Excellent support. ★★★★★

Recently migrated several thousand files (hundreds of folders) into DOCman 2. A few glitches were found and reported. The team quickly worked code fixes and deployed them on my site. Its incredibly easy to use and the team is very responsive to user feedback.

Strongly recommended.

Renea Leathers

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