Improving our support workflow

The Joomlatools support forums just became a lot more colourful. We have introduced workflows and related states in the forums. You can now follow up on your support requests with ease and get an overview of the state of all topics posted!

Our “Report a Problem” and “Share an Idea” forums have been extended and topics will now always display the current status of your request.

As soon as we pick up your problem, the topic’s state will change to “Open”.  The state will then evolve together with the responses you get, until your question is finally solved or closed.

For ideas and feature requests you will be able to followup on our progress, from planned to completed, or if we do not intend to implement a certain feature we will mark it as declined.

Whenever a support request has been solved, we will also mark the answer as the solution. You can recognise solved topics right away by the green tick next to their title.

If you open the topic, the right answer will immediately be visible below the description!

We hope these new features will improve your Joomlatools support experience even more. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on our forums!